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Friday, 29 June 2018

Savitri Family Husband Son Daughter Father Mother Marriage Photos Biography Profile

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Mahanati Savithri Real Life Full Story

Savitri Family Husband Son Daughter Father Mother Marriage Photos Biography Profile

Biography Profile Biodata

Savitri was born on January 4, 1936 in Chirravooru, Guntur district, Madras presidency, now part of Andhra Pradesh in Nissankara Guraviah and Subhadramma. Her father died when she was six months old, after which her mother took Savitri and an older brother, Maruti, to live with an aunt and uncle. Her uncle, Kommareddy Venkataramaiah Chowdhury, enrolled her in classes when she started showing a talent for dancing.

Profile ( Personal Info)

Real Name : Sasirekha
Age : 45 years in (2018)
Profession : Actress, Playback Singer, Dancer, Director and Producer
Date of Birth : 4 January 1936 (Death Date:26 December 1981)
Eye Color : Dark Brown
Religion : Hinduism
Born In : Chirravuru, Guntur district, Madras Presidency, (present-day Andhra Pradesh, India
Zodiac Sign : Unknown
Nationality : Indian
Height in Feet Inches : 5' 6"
Email Id : Unknown
Phone Number : Unknown

Husband / Spouse / Partner Photos Details

Husband : Gemini Ganesan
Savitri Family Husband Son Daughter Father Mother Marriage Photos Biography Profile

Children Photos Details

Son : Sathish Kumar
Daughter : Vijaya Chamundeswari
Savitri Family Husband Son Daughter Father Mother Marriage Photos Biography Profile

Father - Brother - Mother - Sister -Relatives (Family Photos)

Father : Unknown
Mother : Unknown
Sister : Unknown
Brother : Unknown
Relatives : Unknown

Favorites Hobies

Hobbies : Reading books
Favorite Color : Green
Favorite Actress : Anjali
Favorite Movie : Devadas
Favorite Actor : Nageshwar Rao

Qualification ( Education, School and College )

School : Unknown
College/ University : Unknown
Educational and Qualification : Unknown

Marriage Photos

Savitri Family Husband Son Daughter Father Mother Marriage Photos Biography Profile


Savitri played in dance dramas as a child, including some work with a theater company directed by Kongara Jaggaiah. She made an unsuccessful speculative trip to find film work in Madras at the age of 14, when she was deemed too young to play heroin roles, but in 1950 was cast as a female principal in Samsaram. This role did not become reality because she became too excited, requiring many rehearsals and eventually her replacement in the role by Lakshmi Kantham. She had a minor role in the film and the following year had two other minor roles, in Roopavati and Patala Bhairavi, before taking her big break as second heroine in Pelli Chesi Choodu.

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