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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Hamsalekha Family Marriage Wife Photos Biography Profile Biodata Age Height Details

 Hamsalekha Family Marriage Wife Photos Biography Profile Biodata Age Height Details

Name Hamsalekha
Date of Birth:23-06-1951
Wife  Latha Gangaraju
Siblings: Balakrishna
Occupation Lyricist, Music Director

Hamsalekha (born June 23, 1951 in Govindaraju Gangaraju) is an Indian composer and songwriter who works in South Indian cinema, mainly in the Kannada film industry since the late 1980s. He is also a screenwriter , dialoguisher, instrumentalist and conductor. Composed and written for more than 300 feature films.

Hamsalekha is usually referred to as the Naadha Brahma (The Brahma of Music), which is considered to be the main cause of the change in musical composition and lyrical writing style that would appeal to younger generations. He incorporated folk and introduced Western musical sensibilities into mainstream cinema. He is also accredited for introducing many musical talents (singers, composers and lyricists) into the industry.

Hamsalekha won a National Film Awards and six Filmfare Awards in the Best Musical Director category; seven Karnataka State Film Awards - four for musical direction and three for lyrics - and is the recipient of the honorary doctorate from the University of Bangalore.


Hamsalekha was born Govindaraju Gangaraju in Mysore, India. After his studies, he was employed in his father's printing house and subsequently joined the band of his brother Balakrishna. He had an enormous talent for writing poetry and forming a melody for his works. He was renamed "Hamsalekhani" because he always wrote with a "Swan" pen (Kannada: Hamsa). Later, his teacher changed his name to "Hamsalekha". It was featured in feature films by director N. Prasad, who gave the opportunity to write a song for the film Triveni (1973). The song "Neena Bhagavantha" was his first release on actor Uday Kumar. His first film as a musician was the unpublished 1981 film Rahuchandra. Officially, his film career began as a dialogue and a lyrical author for the film Naanu Nanna Hendthi (1985). Later, his popularity soared only after his association with actor-director Ravichandran. Premaloka, published in 1987, brought them together for a collaboration that will last more than 12 years.

Family life

Hamsalekha is married to Latha who was a playback singer in the 1990s. The couple has a son named Alankar and a daughter named Nandini. Alankar is associated with films as an actor and musician. Some of his films released and unpublished are Sugghi, Tapori and Roja. Nandini began her career as a playback singer with the film Sixer (2006).


1995 - National Film Award for Best Music Direction - Film: Ganayogi Panchakshari Gavayi
Honorary doctorate: He has been conferred the honorary doctorate award by the Bengaluru University in the year 2014 for his meritorious service to the Indian Music Industry.
2005 - Filmfare Award for Best Music Director (Kannada) - Film: Nenapirali
2000 - Filmfare Award for Best Music Director (Kannada) - Film: Preethse
1998 - Filmfare Award for Best Music Director (Kannada) - Film: Yaare Neenu Cheluve
1994 - Filmfare Award for Best Music Director (Kannada) - Film: Halunda Tavaru
1993 - Filmfare Award for Best Music Director (Kannada) - film: Aakasmika
1991 - Filmfare Award for Best Music Director (Kannada) - Film: Ramachaari
2005 - Best Music Director - Nenapirali
1999 - Best Music Director - Hrudaya Hrudaya
1996 - Best Music Director - Taayi Illada Tavaru
1994 - Best Music Director - Halunda Tavaru
2001 - Best Lyricist - Sri Manjunatha
2000 - Best Lyricist - Tutta Mutta?
1996 - Best Lyricist - Thayi Illada Tavaru
2012 - Dr. Rajkumar Award from Karnataka State Government
2005 - Rajyostava Award (Suvarna Rajyostava)
2001 - Nandi Award - Sri Manjunatha
2004 - Hello Gandhinagara Award Best Music Director
2005 - Kempegowda Prashasti
2005 - Sunfeast Udaya film award for the best lyrics - Nenapirali


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