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Monday, 28 May 2018

Tanikella Bhavani Biography Family Wife Photos Age Biodata Profile Height Profile Movies

Tanikella Durga Bhavani Biography Family Wife Photos Age Biodata Profile Height Profile Movies

Tanikella Bhavani Biography Family Wife Photos Age Biodata Profile Height Profile Movies

Name   Tanikella Durga Bhavani
Born 14 July 1954 (age 63)
Spouse(s) Tanikella Durga Bhavani
Children Tanikella Maha Teja (son), Mangalampalli Soundarya Lahari (daughter)
Parent(s) Sethu Tanikella Ramalingeswara Rao (father) Tanikella Laxmi Narsamma (mother)
Address   Secunderabad, Hyderabad State, India (now in Hyderabad district, Telangana, India)
Occupation Actor, writer and film director
Years active 1984–present


Tanikella's ancestry includes poets and literary figures from Telugu literature. Diwakarla Venkatavadhani and Viswanatha Satyanarayana were his great uncles. Divakarla Tirupati Sastry, one of the poets Telugu Tirupati Venkata Kavulu was his great-great-uncle. Tanikella is his last name, Bharani is his first name.

He speaks fluently Telugu (his mother tongue), Tamil, Hindi and speaks English. The name of his son-in-law of Tanikella is Mangalampalli Sai Karthik.

Tanikella Bharani is a religious Shaiva Hindu who is known for singing devotional songs in praise of Sri Shiva and Devi Parvati, and spreads to his Hindu fellows not only to read Bhagavad Gita but to follow what he teaches. He is also a strong supporter of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and has approved the earlier offer of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his post.


Bharani made plays in the mid-1970s and during this period he got to know Rallapalli, an actor from Tollywood. With his help, Bharani began to write small dialogues and scenes. Later, he graduated in theater arts. After Rallapalli's advice, he moved to Chennai.

He began his career as a dialogue writer for Kanchu Kavachum in 1984. He has written dialogues for various films such as Ladies Tailor (1985 film), Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Recording Dance Troupe (1987), Varasudochhadu (1988) Chettu Kinda Pleader (1989), Swara Kalpana (1989), Shiva (1989) and Seenu Vasanthi Lakshmi (2004). Bharani also wrote and sang the words of Gundammagaari Manavadu (Bhale Bhaleti Mandu).

He has starred in more than 750 films from Ladies Tailor (1985) and Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Recording Dance Troupe (1987) in which he was seen as Dora Babu. In 1989, he appeared in the film Shiva of Ram Gopal Varma who played Nagarjuna. With the release of the film Shiva, he received a lot of recognition and his character Nanaji impressed the entire Telugu audience.

He also starred in the Hindi comedy film Main Tere Pyar Mein Pagal in 1999. His powerful antagonism at Samudram earned him the Nandi Prize as Best Villain. After 2000, he began playing more funny roles in such films as Manmadhudu (2002), Okariki Okaru (2003), Samba (2004), Malliswari, Godavari (2006) and Happy (2006).

Tanikella Bharani directed the drama Telugu Mithunam is a 2012 with S. P. Balasubrahmanyam and Lakshmi. Tanikella Bhranai received the CineMAA Award Special Court of the Jury for Best Direction for this film.

Tanikella Bharini has written seven songs of songs Telugu dedications for the album "Nee Lona Shivudu Galudu, Na Lona Shivudu Galadu" literally translating "Lord Shiva in you and Lord Shiva in me can dominate the world."  He also sang the title track for Nalona sivudu galadu and Shahabash Raa Shankara which were written by him.

CineMAA Awards

Special Jury Award for Best Director - Mithunam (2013)
Sangam Academy Awards
Chalchal gurram
Grahanam pattina ratri
Sani grahalu
Panjaram lo elaka
Sangam Academy award for completing Twenty five years in Telugu Cinema[8]
Dramas as a Writer
Naalugo Kothi (play)
Playlets (Telugu)


Nandi Awards
Best Villain - Samudhram
Best Character Actor - Nuvvu Nenu
Nandi Award for Best Dialogue Writer - Mithunam
Best Actor - Grahanam
Literary Awards
Sri pada subhramanya sastry Literary Award - Polamuru
Bhanumathi Award - Hyderabad
Sri Vanamamalai Varadacharyulu Literary Award - Adilabad
Fellowship Jawahar Bharathi - Kavali
Allu Ramalingayyiah National Award - Hyderabad
Akkineni Swarna Kankanam - Hyderabad
Nagabhairava Koteswara Rao literary Award - Nellore

Awards for Short Films (as a Director)

Tenth Mumbai International Film Festival Award
Idaho Panhandle - Hyderabad International Film Festival Award for Sira-The Ink


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