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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Anup Rubens Auto Biography Profile Family Photos

Anup Rubens Auto Biography Profile Family Photos

Name:     Anup Rubens

Full Name:  
   Medari Anup Enoc Ruben

Industry Name:     Anup Rubens

Pet Names:     Anup

Place Of Birth:     Hyderabad

Date of Birth:     20th march 1980

Star Sign :    Pisces

Occupation:     Music director

Father Name :    Rubens

First Movie:     Jai

Anup Rubens Autobiography

Anup Rubens was born in a Christian family of the middle class and is a native of the state of Telangana in Hyderabad, India. Date Anup Rubens birthday is March 20 1980. Anup Rubens present age is 35 years. Coming to the personal life of Anup Rubens, he came from the family of the lower middle class. Anup Rubens brother also play guitar like him. Anup Rubens completed his intermediate college of St Anthony. Anup Rubens was educated at Methodist College. Anup Rubens is a good student in school, even if he is fully interested in music since his school days.

It is known that Anup Rubens works in Tollywood film industry. Anup Rubens began his career as assistant music directors. But Anup Rubens has made a mark among all the leading music directors like Devi Sri Prasad and Thaman. Today musical director Anup Rubens is one of the best most music directors in the Telugu movie industry.

In college days Anup Rubens always wanted to do theater performances. Anup Rubens RockStar mark with his friends and is used for performance in shows. Anup Rubens first film as a keyboard player is Chitram. Chitram film is played by Uday Kiran. Up to 400 films, Anup Rubens worked as a keyboard player in the several music directors

Puri Jagannadh Chakri and offered a chance to Anup Rubens as music director through the film Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam. At a young age Anup Rubens was denied that chance. In 2014, Rubens became a director of music under the direction of the film Jai Teja. Jai film is played by Navdeep. Later Anup Rubens did a lot of films, but unfortunately, he failed.

Once again Anup Rubens got a chance for a high budget movie directed by Puri Jagganadh, Nenu Naa Rakshasi movie. Anup Rubens for this film gave back ground score background. Hindi Anup Rubens was given background score Buddha Hoga Tera film Baap who is played by Amitabh Bachchan. Both films stood as a turning Anup Rubens support. Anup Rubens was succeeded as Music Director with the famous Premakavali film that is played by the son of Saikumar 'Aadi'. Anup Rubens earned both recognition and success with Premakavali film.

Later Anup Rubens continued with hit films like Lovely, Poolarangadu and other films. Akkikeni family was given a good chance of Anup Rubens through Auto Nagar Surya and Manam. Anup Rubens got hit by buster movie Manam block as director of music, but Auto Nagar Surya is a huge success.

Anup Rubens has given music for the SSC Gowtam films, Drona, Seetharamula Kalyanam Lankalo and other films. Anup Rubens composed the background music score for film Nenu Na Rakshasi, Gowtam SSC, Ishq, Poola Rangadu, and other films. Anup Rubens worked in the film industry in various departments as a composer, record producer, music director and singer. In 2016, Anup Rubens upcoming movies in Telugu are Saradaa, Pandagala Vachandu and other films. Uyire Uyire is an upcoming film by Anup Rubens in Kollywood film industry. Anup Rubens started his first music score by a commercial add. This adds Baniyans is related to Vilan, vests and short brand for men.


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