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Friday, 11 May 2018

Balakrishna age height son daughter family photos

Tollywood Celebrities Balakrishna Profile

Name:    Balakrishna

Full Name:    Nandamuri Balakrishna

DOB:    10th June 1960

Birth Place:    Madras, Madras State, India.

Occupation:    Actor, Politician (Hindupur MLA), Political Party    Telugu Desam Party

Age:    56 Years

Star Sign:    Gemini

Height in mts:    1.74 mts

Father Name:    Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao 

Mother Name:    Basava Tarakam

Wife:    Vasundhara Devi

Children:    Nara Brahmani , Mathukumilli Tejaswini and Nandamuri Mokshagna Teja

First Film:    Sahasame Jeevitham

Balakrishna Autobiography

Balakrishna Chennai (Madras) June 10, 1960, was born. Telugu actor Balakrishna, a veteran of Tamil Nadu. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao's father Balakrishna. Basava of the recent Tarakam mother. Balakrishna Madras Telugu film industry based in Madras, where the total spent his childhood. Then the Telugu film industry shifted to Hyderabad. So Balakrishna in his teens, moved to Hyderabad. Balakrishna has earned a Bachelor of Commerce from Nizam College in Hyderabad.

Balakrishna, Vasundhara Devi was married in 1982, at the age of 22. At that time, a daughter of the Vasundhara Devi is the owner of the mtrs. Vasundhara Devi Bala and his wife, two daughters and a son. Balakrishna names for Brahmani, tejasvini and son Mokshagna name is Rama Teja. Nara Lokesh had married Brahmani, it is the son of Chandrababu Naidu. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, the TDP President, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is.

June 3, 2004, a shooting incident in the conflict, Bala, Bala was involved in the controversial shooting. Hyderabad his residence in the incident, which took place at Jubilee Hills. It is alleged that Balakrishna B. Suresh Babu and his partner fired. B.Suresh launches producer. Balakrishna The shooting came a few days later in a dispute own note.

Balakrishna is coming out of the political background, he was campaigning for the TDP, but it does not fit into the election battle. Andhra Pradesh assembly elections in 2014 participated in Bala. He won the seat parliamentary majority with reasonable HINDUPUR. HINDUPUR is in the area of ??Anantapur district.

Balakrishna's Simha Narasimha Naidu, the Nandi Award for Best Actor. He was a lion movie award for best actor in the film. Won the award for Best Actor at the recent Siima legend. Balakrishna's films won awards too high.

Balakrishna was born on June 10, 1960. He also has played a role in the recent Indian Chitra industry is unusual for a politician in Andhra Pradesh. (Late) NTRama the sixth son of Balakrishna Rao. Chitra Bala Natasimham an artist from childhood, entered the industry. His film is played by 14-year-old child Tatamma art. Balakrishna characters appeared in 98 films.

Balakrishna carrier in the 40 years he has made many successful films and is known for his break dancing skills. Balakrishna Natasimham South Indian Film Award for best international act and he also has two of the Nandi Award. Balakrishna Indian Film Festival honored him with a special guest of the 43rd International. Chitra is the first film role in the life of the hero Balakrishna Sahasame. In 1984, Janani Fatherland appeared in the film directed by Bala K. Vishwanath.

Janani birthplace has become the recent critical success. In 1987, played in the film as unique Sahodarudu dual role and directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. Sahodarudu film with Balakrishna unprecedented success at the box office. In 1987, he hit six films in the same year, he realized that the boy Presidentugari the biggest hit of the year with two films by Kodi Ramakrishna Rao and Muvva Gopaludu has had Tatineni are headed.

Bhargava Rama success at the box office and made of either the novel. Shanti Bala Rama Bhargava, played in the film. Tiragabadda Telugubidda, Inspector Pratap, Rakthabhisekham and Bharatamlo Chandrudu Bala Bala other super hit films at the same time. Balakrishna is actively involved in his father's political career was founded by the TDP.

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