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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Nani's Awe Movie Review

Nani's Awe Movie Review


Kali, Kajal Aggarwal is a suffering girl who goes to a food court to celebrate her birthday with herself. She writes every moment in a newspaper like a book. There is a Priyadarshi chef who has a touching story with a fish and a tree and a little girl who is fascinated by the world of magic and who tries them out with the customers and a porter at the Regina Cassandra café who is very influential. drugs and rock music, then we meet the guardian of the food court Srinivas Avasarala who wants to meet his parents who missed him in his childhood by inventing a machine to go back in time. How all the aspirations of different people come together and form a unique response is the crux of history.


Kajal Aggarwal like Kali is superb. She wore her gaze from a pained girl throughout the film. Although her character is suffering a lot, she is beautiful. Eesha Rebba as Radha, a daughter of an orthodox Brahmin family is kind. She looks so beautiful. Nithya Menon as Krishna Veni is superb. It acts as a catalyst to show someone's true self. Regina Cassandra is great, from her look at her manners. Srinivas Avasarala is kind in his role as guardian. Pragathi is good. Priyadarshi is superb as someone who wants to fill his belly at all costs. All the other actors did a fantastic job in their roles.

Technical departments:

This film has only one song that reaches its climax, justifying all the characters and it supports and carries the atmosphere. Mark's wallpaper is superb throughout the movie.Cinematography is fantastic and the visuals and frames of the movie are good to watch. The edition is good.The art department has a lot to do in these types of movies and they have managed to prove their mettle. The production values ​​are apt.


Voiceover of Nani and Ravi Teja

Negative Points:
Can appeal to a limited audience


Awe can be said as a psychological and fictional biography. This film begins as an anthology with different sets of characters and their backstories. This film begins with some pretty humorous moments and as the story progresses, it goes into serious mode until the voice of Ravi Teja begins. You have to be very free of his expectations to be entertained with a film like this because he questions and exceeds your imagination. The voices of Nani and Ravi Teja are well engraved and they provide moments of humor to the public. Writer and director, Prasanth Varma did a fantastic job for his first film, which could become one of the best films. He is very lucky to have Natural Star Nani as a support system to make his film uncompromising and to have such a brilliant vision of his vision on the screen. To summarize, Awe is a new type of cinema that we see and can attract a very limited audience.


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