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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Fidaa Telugu Movie Actors Actress Producer Director Names .(Saturday 8th December 2018 Updates)

Fidaa Telugu Movie Actors Actress Producer Director Names

Fidaa Telugu  Movie Actors Actress Producer Director Names

Actor:    Varun Tej

Actress   :Sai Pallavi, Sai Chand

Music by Songs:  Shakthi Kanth Karthick

Directed by: Shekhar Kammula

Produced by: Dil Raju Shirish

Written by: Shekhar Kammula

Screenplay by: Shekhar Kammula

Background Score:  J.B.

Cinematography:   Vijay C. Kumar

Edited by: Marthand K. Venkatesh

Production company:  Sri Venkateswara Creations

Budget:   ₹16 crore (US$2.5 million)

Box office:   ₹100 crore (US$16 million)

Release date :21 July 2017

Running time: 148 minutes

Country India :  Language Telugu


Varun Tej as Varun
Sai Pallavi as Bhanumathi
Raja Chembolu as Raju, the elder brother of Varun
Aryan Talla as Bujji, the younger brother of Varun
Sai Chand as Bhanumathi and Renuka's father
Geetha Bhaskar as Bhanumathi and Aunt Renuka
Sharanya Pradeep as Renuka
Satyam Rajesh as Ali, the friend of Varun
Harshvardhan Rane as neighbor / pretender of Bhanumathi (chameleon)
Nathan Smales
Sarah Berry as Susan aka Suzie
Lydia Pagan
Sri Harsha Jasti (SS)
Katarina Richter as Su
Filming [edit]
The shooting took place in Telangana at Sirnapally, Jagityal, Banswada, Nizamabad and Tadkole. Shooting also took place in Austin, San Antonio and Durango in the United States.

Varun (Varun Tej) is a non-resident Indian who lives in Texas, United States with his elder brother Raju (Raja Chembolu) and adopted, younger brother Bujji (Aryan). He is a medical student who aims to become a neurosurgeon. Varun comes to India with his younger brother for the marriage of Raju with Renuka (Sharanya Pradeep), whose family comes from Banswada to Telangana. There he met Bhanumathi (Sai ​​Pallavi), the young sister of Renuka. Bhanu is a bubbly and wicked girl who does not want to feel secondary to anyone. Gradually, Varun and Bhanu develop a taste for each other but do not express it. Bhanu loves his father very much and does not believe in leaving him after his marriage. One day, she heard Varun speak to her cousin of the opportunities in the United States compared to India which he considers unfit to settle. Disappointed, Bhanu decides to forget Varun and his feelings for him and begins to ignore him. After his brother's marriage, Varun returns to the United States, but can not help remembering Bhanu all the time. Therefore, decides to confess her love. But Bhanumathi gives him a rude response that enraged Varun enlarging even more the fault between them. Bhanu finally agrees to marry a man of choice to his father but realizes that she is not comfortable with him even before the wedding.

Meanwhile, Renuka becomes pregnant and advises the rest of the beds by doctors. Bhanu is sent to the United States by his father to help Renuka deal with the pregnancy. Varun begins to be inconsiderate of Bhanu during his stay at home. This disturbs Bhanu and a debate unfolds between them after which she decides to leave for India in a week. Before leaving, Bhanu decided to visit his friend in the United States and asked Varun to deposit Bhanu instead of his friend. On the way, both make fines and decide to remain as good friends. During their journey, the two begin to rediscover their feelings for each other. Before leaving for the airport, Bhanu runs to Varun and smothers it with eyes full of tears. Varun understands that Bhanu still loves him and goes to India to ask him to marry. Bhanu's father advises her to follow her heart and marry Varun instead of the man he chooses, to whom she accepts. Although she is happy that she marries Varun, she is afraid of leaving her father and her village. After the wedding ceremony, Bhanu began packing his luggage to leave for the United States. Renuka tells him the truth that Varun gave up his life in the United States and decided to settle in his village. Ravi, Bhanu runs to Varun and asks him how he can do what he says is his only world. Varun later decides to establish a hospital in the village and both live happy forever.

The music

The music of the film is marked by the musical director Shakthikanth Karthick, who also composed music for the film Telugu Ko Antey Koti. The audio was broadcast by Aditya Music to the critics.

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