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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Anchor Ravi Reaction On Srimukhi Overaction In Pataas

Anchor Ravi Reaction On Srimukhi Overaction In Pataas

As we know, Anchor Ravi is one of the most popular male ancestors in the entertainment industry and is well known for having fun in several programs.

 However, the anchor currently hosting various Telugu programs in various entertainment channels including Pataas, Adaka Majaka and little more. With programs, it also organizes audio launch events that are also entertaining the public.
In fact, the Ravi anchor became more popular for its comedy show named Pataas which is televised in the ETV channel more.

 With Ravi, the most popular beautiful Anchor Sreemukhi is also hosting the comedy show and it runs successfully with the best TRP score.

According to the latest reliable reports thought, Ravi anchor answered several questions in live chat on facebook, where he reacts to the complaint of fans over Sreemukhi overacting in the Pataas show.

He suggested that, watch another channel instead of comedy show. The anchor added that, he is hosting the comedy show according to the instructions of the production houses and the director.

In addition, Ravi anchor pointed out that the popular Pataas comedy shows is designed solely to focus the young audience. To answer any of the comments, the anchor says that as it will get more publicity if the rumors are spread viral on it .

 Sreemukhi anchor in various social media. He adds that, he has no problems with these rumors.

Recently, wedding photos Ravi anchor are revealed which are going viral in various online sites. Reports say that, the anchor have already married a few years back and now the photos of her and his wife are doing tricks in social media. He married Nitya Saxena and the couple blessed a girl.

Previously, the ancestor name Ravi is related to some of the co-anchors including Lasya and Sreemukhi. As now, her wedding photos erased all doubts and put the ending card to these rumors.


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