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Friday, 23 December 2016

Ram Gopal Varma Vangaveeti Pre Review .(Monday 10th December 2018 Updates)

Ram Gopal Varma Vangaveeti Pre Review

History: "Vangaveeti" is on the rise and dominance of Vangaveeti Radha, a popular leader in Vijayawada. Ram Gopal Varma, a great storyteller has revealed some interesting facts about the harmful activities of organized crime syndicates and the chaos created by a group of soft malcontents in the 1970s in Vijayawada.Rire by Ram Gopal Varma, "Vangaveeti" is produced by Dasari Kiran Kumar under the banner of Ramadhutha Creations and presents Sandeep Kumar, Vamsi Nakkanti, Vamsi Chaganti, Naina Ganguly, Kautilya and Shritej in the lead roles. This film will be released on December 23, 2016.

As usual Varma never missed in filming the scenes in a realistic way. When you see the movie you will definitely forget to blink your eyes because this is the original story that has occurred over the last 3 years back. Coming to the film highlights ...,

When R.G.V., comes out with one of the most discussed faction history, this also from the burning district of Andhra Pradesh. The history of R.G.V., movies are always controversial. Vangaveeti also comes out with a controversial story.

The film held the audience in a mystical turn and afraid of deep blood red stories from VIJAYAWADA. The films talk about the rivalry between two families, which went to be the rivalry between two castes. The whole of Vijayawada has been under pressure for more than a decade.
The film relates to all the sensitive secrets of the history of the faction. The deep anger of the brothers, people not understanding the difference between a mother and a woman, clashes between friends turn into enemies. The film is the charm of connecting the audience with the extraordinary scenario, the perfect match dialogs and the actors in the film have given their best.
The second half of the films is remarkable with the narration of R.G.V. There is no specific villain to shoot down the hero, each character stands as a hero. The whole film gives the unique film of R.G.V., perfectly.


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