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Monday, 12 December 2016

Allari Naresh Date With Anasuya .(Monday 10th December 2018 Updates)

Allari Naresh Date With Anasuya

Anasuya is a beautiful actress and anchor in Telugu and she has earned good fame with the comedy show Jabardasth. She also proved as an actress with Kshanam and won good fame. Present, it swings the action and anchor.

Everything is known that Anasuya finished the 1st season of A Date with Anasuya show as very good. Now, once again, she comes in front of people with the 2nd season of this program with the actor of Tollywood Ram Charan, it was received good comments from people. Now this week, Anasuya came in front of the people with actor Telugu comedian Allari Naresh by this show.

He was shared so many interesting things about the movies and his personal life in A Date with Anasuya show. Anasuya said in the program that Allari Naresh is one of the contributors in the Tollywood film industry because he made a lot of movies in a year so he's top this year.

The actor said at the summit in this year that all his films are scheduled at least 45 to 50 days only. The budget has never been increased in his films, even though he made 52 movies because his films are based on comedy genre without very high action sequences, it will reduce time as well.

Anasuya asked Allari Naresh about success and flop movies, how can you handle this situation as an actor and family member. He said his was seen success and failure with his father films. He also started working as a cashier at the age of 17 in the film Chala Bagundi, it was produced by his father, which is why he knew about the film industry. It was learned from his father that if you have talent and then you will get success the next day. Allari Naresh was shared other issues also in A Date with Anasuya show. So you want to know about its additional details, then users can click on the given link.


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