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Monday, 7 November 2016

Wonders Of Baahubali !

Wonders Of Baahubali !

"Baahubali Adbuthalu" is a 33-minute video that was recently released by the filmmakers to show the public what happened in the pre-production phase of "Baahubali".

Everyone knew that the magnum opus, "Baahubali" is not just an ordinary film that comes to entertain the audience while running in theaters. Although it is not in theaters, many people still talk about "Baahubali" and is creator S. S. Rajamouli. It was the impact created by "Baahubali" on Indian cinema. As we all knew "Baahubali" is just a part of the world "Baahubali", filmmakers and his cast have a lot to tell about the movie that made all South Indians proud. The video, "Baahubali Adbuthalu" which was recently published will change your perspective when watching "Baahubali" next time.

"Baahubali Adbuthalu" begins with the director S. S. Rajamouli explaining a scene to which he emotionally connected. Followed by Rajamouli, Mr. M. Keeravani, the music director explains the experience "Sivuni Aana" song in the film. The most exciting element in this was, Rajamouli says the situation of the song Keeravani for composing tunes. Rajamouli assesses the role of Shivudu in the song and we certainly understand the hard work behind the video of this song in the film. To continue the explanation of the song, one byte of Prabhas was joined in the video in which he praises Rajamouli for the concept of "Sivuni Aana" song. The rest of the video is all about passion, dedication and hard work "Baahubali" team to give their best for the public.

"Sivuni Aana" song was written, composed and mastered in one day.

"Dhivara" song was song was shot in 22 days and graphics for the song were completely made in India.

Rajamouli said: "Costume Kattappa (Satya Raj) is said to be the best design of Rama Rajamouli."

Rajamouli also said: "I was blown away by the re-recording given by Pedanna (Keeravani) for the stage introduction Devasena. I got goosebumps after watching this scene for the first time. "

"Choreography for" Pacha Bottasi "song was very difficult and hats Prem Rakshit to give such an output and that was the best date until I saw", said by Rajamouli.

Filming for erecting the statue of Bhalladeva lasted 15 full days.

8 tons of iron were used to fill the hollow statue Bhalladeva.

For the role of Sivagami, Rajamouli thought Sridevi and Tabu lace Ramya Krishna.

Before the scene of the statue erection, there was a different interval interval written but was changed later.

A monkey would be part of "Baahubali 'but the monkey sequence was changed taking into account the Indian government rules. You can watch the full video of "Baahubali Adbuthalu" in

Many more interesting facts were said in the video of "Baahubali Adbuthalu" and us excited about each such done. You can watch the full video of "Baahubali Adbuthalu" in
A line that should definitely be said is, each of us is blessed with S. S. Rajamouli like that among us and to are very proud of that.


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