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Friday, 4 November 2016

Sumanth Naruda Donoruda Movie Review !

Sumanth Naruda Donoruda Movie Review !

Naruda Donoruda Review: -

Sumanth had gone through a lean phase. After three failures back to back, he returned to cinema after a gap of two years from his last outing. This time he tested his luck with the remake of Shoojit Sircar, "Vicky Donor", a classic romantic comedy about sperm donation.

Since then, there have been many speculations in T-town on the bold choice Sumanth. While many appreciated him for that risky topic, critics were suspicious about the public receiving the Telugu film. Amid all this hullabaloo, the film came to the screens today. Visit our magazine "Naruda Donoruda" without any delay.

History: Vikram Vicky aka (Sumanth,) is a young happy happy to live with his widowed mother (Sri Lakshmi) who runs a beauty salon and is the sole bread winner of the family. There's also a grandmother (mother-Sri Lakshmi) in this family. Dr. Anjaneyulu (Tanikella Bharani,) has an infertility clinic is in steep losses and is looking for a sperm donor whose genetic background is good. After learning that the great-father Vikram had 17 children and that her last child was born while he was in the 70s, Anjaneyulu wants to rope in Vikram as a donor for her sperm bank . Initially reluctant, Vikram finally concedes to do for his "pocket money" and he wants the confidential custody. Before long, Vikram's getting huge money due to the application of various influential couples in society.

Meanwhile, Vikram meets girl Bengali Ashima Roy (Pallavi Subash) in a bank and falls for her. After a few attempts, Ashima also falls for Vikram. Ashima is a divorcee who has broken his marriage on the first day after learning that her husband was not interested in marriage. Vikram and Ashima's parents were not willing to accept the marriage of the couple.

Here is a twist. Ashima, who loves children, can not give birth because of a tubal blockage. Devastated by the sudden blow, Ashima is naturally sad. Then she learns that Vikram has not undergone medical tests and found the shocking reason because Vikram is a sperm donor! And he does it for the money at this!

After falling with Vikram, Ashima decides to separate. In between, Vikram was arrested by the police after learning he has a disproportionate assets black money. Vikram and Ashima do they meet? How can they overcome their problem of childlessness?

Artists Shows

Sumanth is good as Vikram. Although portions, it goes overboard unlike Ayushmann Khurana in "Vicky Donor", Sumanth has done justice to his role. Pallavi Subhash agrees. Tanikella Bharani is living up to its role.

Director Ram Mallik recruited good distribution. The cast of the film and performance stand out.

Strong points

The romantic track Sumanth-Pallavi

Second part



Cameo Naga Chaitanya


Lacking a good feeling

first half



Final Verdict: Congratulations to Sumanth to pick a subject as bold and make the appropriate changes to suit the Telugu sensibilities. The money pouch in the film is how this matter was referred to the public in a simple way. The film entertainment coupled with a good message - how sperm donation can bring joy in the lives of couples without children.

Yet it has its own flaws. It is a makki makki ka remake of the original with some improvisations. Blaming the new director Mallik for the missing "wellness factor". The film could have been better. The camera often gets shaky - especially in the first half - causing irritation viewers. The music is passable since the original had the foot tapping tunes. Naga Chaitanya cameo towards the end is surprising and is just great.

Overall, the film is a single watch. "Naruda Donoruda" is recommended for the public who has not watched the original.


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