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Friday, 23 September 2016

Mahesh Babu’s 5 memorable Years .(Monday 10th December 2018 Updates)

Mahesh Babu’s Super Sensational Film Completes 5 memorable Years

The biggest item in Mahesh Babu's career turning point came in the form of "Dookudu." It could easily be the greatest comeback film for Mahesh Babu. After the massive blockbuster like "Pokiri" which rewrites history in terms of collection, Mahesh Babu had to undergo another lean patch extended before "Dookudu" has arrived. The film went on to break all records at the box office potential and emerged as the highest grosser of the year. He won seven Nandi price and was executed 50 days in 312 centers, 100 days in 63 centers. The film makes the stupendous success Mahesh Babu, the undisputed king of the box office Tollywood.

Directed by Sreenu Vaitla, who is on a roll with some great success in its kitty, "Dookudu" won Sreenu Vaitla, the tag 'star manager'. Produced by Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta and Anil Sunkara under 14 Reels Entertainment, "Dookudu" scored the first blockbuster of their banner. The film released September 23, 2011 at 1600 screens worldwide; today, he finished five memorable years.


Shankar Narayan (Prakash Raj) is a political leader and a man of the masses. He wants his son Ajay (Mahesh Babu) to become a political leader. Shankar Narayan is injured in an accident and falls into a coma. Meanwhile, Ajay grows and goes on to become an aggressive cop instead.

Shankar Narayan suddenly out of the coma. The rest of the story is all about how Ajay manages to keep the changes under wraps for his father and takes revenge on the evil along with some unconventional pieces.

Mahesh Babu appeared again as acting director. And his character in this film is well developed. It is charming, witty and fast. he is very good at delivering dialogue and in both dances. His versatility in acting and emoting various expressions is very impressive. As usual, it swings with his unique style and handsome looks.

Samantha plays a character named Prashanti, and is a feast for the eyes and pure Chinamayi lends his voice to the breath of life into the character as in "Ye Maya Chesave." All lovers of Brahmanandam have another holiday in this film in which he plays an actor in a fictional reality show. MRS. Narayana is an excellent role in this film as an aspiring old actor. Overall, everyone chipped with excellent performance. A major asset of the film is the special issue of the sensual Parvathi Melton.

The main strength of Sreenu Vaitla has always been fun and it ensures that there are wide characters to create humor. Characterization of Mahesh Babu is well done and the manager also showed Mahesh Babu in a new light with better synchronization of comedy.

"Dookudu" has become one of the most successful in the history of cinema and Telugu was the biggest success in the career of Mahesh Babu. The film ended Mahesh Babu's career crisis five years and scored his makeover image. The pluses of the film are the charm of Mahesh Babu, the timing of the comedy Seenu Vaitla, and a workable script.

Dialogues written by Kona Venkat and Sreenu Vaitla are very good. There are some great punches a liner. They are humorous dialogues and dialogues heroism. Music by S. S. Thaman has already become a chartbuster and great background music.

Overall, the film is a comedy and family entertainment and must watch.
Interesting points about Super Sreenu Vytla hit film "Dookudu"

The film was remade in Kannada as "Power" of 2014.

The film was also remade in Bengali as "Challenge 2" in the year 2012.

The film is partially inspired by the 2003 film German tragicomedy "Good Bye, Lenin."

"Dookudu" was dubbed by 14 Reels Entertainment in Tamil as "Athiradi VETTAI" in 2013.

For this film, Srihari was chosen for a crucial role, but was replaced by Prakash Raj later.

The film was also dubbed in Hindi as "The Real Tiger" and Malayalam as "Choodan".

The Times of India called this film "Dookudu" is one of ten must watch Telugu movies of 2011.

The film "Dookudu" got 50 nominations in various awards and it is very surprising 48 price.

The film "Dookudu" marked the debut in Kannada and was also the first Kannada film 14 Reels Entertainment.

Samantha auction the costumes used by Mahesh Babu in the film to raise money for the charity "Pratyusha".

Incidentally, Mr. S. Narayana was an episode of the comedy photo shoot and it is the same as in the past, namely in the film Sreenu Vaitla "Sontham."

The film "Dookudu" is the first Telugu movie released in 21 cities in North India. And it is the first Telugu film, which was released in Botswana.


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