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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Launch on Ugadi

100th movie Yodhudu Balakrishna have an official launch on Ugadi. There is good news about Balakrishna 100th official launch of the film for movie lovers, fans of nandamuri Balakirshna, ordinary people, which are of interest to watch movies Balakrishna.

Yodhudu Movie Launch on Ugadi

100th film coming Balakirshna Tollywood actor will be done with the epic historical drama, Shalivahana life and celebrates in Satavahana rule. Kanche director Krish will be led the simha nata upcoming film Balakrishna and they probably next film title is Yodhudu.

next film works of preproduction Hero Balakrishna go with the speed of the jet. Beautiful actress Nayantara and hot actress Nithya Menon tie with balayya prestigious in its next film

According to latest reports, the upcoming prestigious 100th movie Nata Simha Balakrishna will be launched officially on the occasion of New Year and Ugadi this prestigious function will be held at Amaravathi and is the new capital of the state AP.

Rajeev Reddy will be produced the next film of the actor Balakrishna and (Rajeev Reddy) is the director Krish friend. Producer Rajeev Reddy has produced the film under the Kanche Krish direction this movement has been won critical acclaim. Director Sai Madhav Burra Krish and working on the script now working on the next film of Balakrishna and it also sounds that pre-production for their next film works almost finished

Balakrishna has acted in many films her movie carrier and are entertaining the audience in a formidable manner. Hero Balakrishna has completed its 99th Dictator movie in which he played character Chandrashekhar Dharma with actress Sonal Chauhan hot and Anjali.

Sriwass is director Balayya film the Dictator 99th and this movie also entertained people in an extraordinary way. Wish, the 100th upcoming movie Tollywood actor Balakrishna give good success for him and his unit too.

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