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Thursday, 3 March 2016

RashmiGautam Got Slapped by Director on Guntur Talkies Sets

Rashmi Gautam is a popular person basically she beginned her career in Tollywood itself. Not only in Telugu Rashmi Gautam acted in other languages like Hindi, Tamil and Kannada languages.

RashmiGautam Got Slapped by Director on Guntur Talkies Sets

Rashmi Gautam made her debut in ‘Holi’ movie which is Telugu film released in the year 2002. In Hindi language she acted in two movies and in Kannada she acted in only movie.

Though Rashmi Gautam acted in single movie in Kannada language, she had received good response for her character in that movie. But she continued in Telugu Film Industry itself.

Due to decrease of opportunities in Tollywood Rashmi Gautam herself turned into anchor for ‘Jabardasth’ and ‘Extra Jabardasth’. We can say this show had given her a new life.

Yes, now again she getting offers from directors and one of the movie which is all set to release in theatres on 4th March, 2016 is ‘Guntur Talkies’.

Recently, shocking news had revealed that Rashmi Gautam beaten by director. Yes, what you heard is exactly true and according to known information, Rashmi Gautam herself encouraged the director to slap her hardly.

Rashmi Gautam once again re-entered into silver screen from small screen in order to prove herself as an actress. Rashmi Gautam upcoming movie ‘Guntur Talkies’ will dam surely helpful to her career and she is very confident about her character that she can impress audience through this film.

Rashmi Gautam herself was saying that she worked hard on her character in ‘Guntur Talkies’. Rashmi Gautam also said that she will attract attention of audience not only with her glamour but also with her acting skills.

As per known information, Rashmi Gautam not acted well in some sentimental scenes. So, actress Rashmi Gautam herself asked director to slap her then sentimental scenes will come naturally than using glycerin.

The movie unit of ‘Guntur talkies’ shocked by seeing Rashmi Gautam dedication on acting. Currently this glamorous actress Rashmi Gautam is having four projects in her hand. After release of ‘Guntur Talkies’ movie Rashmi Gautam may get many offers the movie makers are thinking so.

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