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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Anchor Suma Condition in Serious, Hospitalized .(Monday 10th December 2018 Updates)

There will be great fan following for the actor or actress or politicians. You anchors come they will not have fans in the past, but after the entry of Suma Kanakala showed his talent in spontaneous speech.

Anchor Suma Condition in Serious, Hospitalized

TV presenter Sum Kanakala is the only person that caught the attention of all kinds of people to himself with his anchor. Simply, we can say Suma Kanakala makes no presentation because everyone knows.

Recently, news anchor on television Kanakala Suma entered the lime light as anchor Suma was in dangerous situations. Yes, what you hear is exactly the correct TV presenter Suma Kanakala suffers an acute injury of the throat and the latest reports say that doctors warned him to take a break for a few months.

Doctors also said the TV presenter Suma Kanakala should not constantly talk if he wanted to talk then you must maintain the minimum limit. Although the TV presenter Suma Kanakala neglected medical words, she can not speak, it means that there is the possibility of losing his voice altogether.

Actually, it is an unfortunate thing Suma Kanakala TV presenter is someone who talks a lot and does not give a break to talk about it in any shows or audio launch events.

To anchor singers and his voice will carry the name and fame for themselves. But now our favorite TV presenter Suma Kanakala dam should definitely take the minimum rest period of two to three months.

This is not the first time, makes TV anchor Suma Kanakala few years suffering from a throat infection, but now has become serious. Suma is the only anchor that prevailed Telugu television channels.

Because television presenter Kanakala Suma hosted almost all Popular Telugu Canal and continued his journey if he faces many obstacles. Everyone should be aware that although the anchor Suma essentially belong to the Malayalam language to speak clearly the Telugu language without any error.

We all hope that the TV presenter Suma Kanakala must recover quickly from the situation.


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