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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Rudramadevi Sequel Prodcer Dil Raju

Rudramadevi Sequel Prodcer Dil Raju

Movie Story 'Rudramadevi' is based on the epic historical drama. This film was released in 2015 and received a good response from all categories of the public.

Everyone had known some facts about film 'Rudramadevi' the director himself product Gunasekhar film 'Rudramadevi' if it is a bit higher.

If you had seen the title card at the end of the film 'Rudramadevi' director Gunasekhar gave a shot to be continued 'Rudramadevi' which is titled as "Pratapa Rudrudu '.

According to the history of this "Pratapa Rudrudu is son of 'Rudramadevi'. Director Gunasekhar show much interest in making films "Pratapa Rudrudu '. But the director has not finalized any artist on 'Rudramadevi' so far.

In the past, we heard a lot of news about 'Rudramadevi' sequel casting the best hero as Tollywood Prince Mahesh Babu and stylish star Allu Arjun.

There is also a buzz that had grape stylish star Allu Arjun will play a main character in this film because he never took remuneration to act in the movie 'Rudramadevi "for Gona Ganna Reddy Character.

But the official announcement of manufacturers on movies 'Rudramadevi' are not yet revealed.

Everyone thought that after 'Rudramadevi' should also be produced by the director himself because Gunasekhar film 'Rudramadevi had got a good response, but financially it failed at the box office.

But now director Gunasekhar had received financial support from the popular Telugu producer Dil Raju. There is no need to talk about Dil Raju, he always used to encourage new scripts.

Similarly, Dil Raju had taken the decision to produce a result 'Rudramadevi "and recently he has also made an announcement that it will produce' Rudramadevi 'result which is titled as" Pratapa Rudrudu' in its banner production domesticated.

According to information recently known director Gunasekhar completed work of script and producer Dil Raju said Gunasekhar he will choose suitable person for the following script 'Rudramadevi' and it will also take care of all budgetary requirements.

See if the producer Dil Raju select perfect casting for the sequel film 'Rudramadevi "or not.


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