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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Nizam Area Business Man Sardaar Gabbar Singh

Pawan Kalyan Gabbar Singh Sardaar pre enterprise version is superb in Nizam Area. Power Star Pawan Kalyan next movie Gabbar Singh on Sardaar and is doing good global sectors of pre-release business.

Nizam Area Business Man Sardaar Gabbar Singh

According to the source, one of the last Tollywood movies coming Sardaar Gabbar Singh longer than pre anticipated releases in all the malls.

It seems that the leading distributor of leading more Eros International won prestigious film Pawan Kalyan Gabbar Sardaar human Singh worldwide theater to a huge amount.

Eros International has started the sale of distribution rights in all areas, and this film is all distribution rights are, expect the Nizam area. Watch the video of Pawan Kalyan Gabbar Singh Pre Release Sardaar business is superb in Nizam Area.

Dilip Tandon is the owner of Indra Films and earned the Sardaar Gabbar Singh distribution rights in Nizam area for huge amount of Rs. 20crore.

Tollywood film industry has one of the largest areas of distribution that Nizam in terms of marketing. Most revenue comes from the Nizam area in Telugu cinema.

So much competition is generated on theater rights in that region. So many retailers are still competing for the rights of great films.

Gabbar Singh movie Sardaar Pawan Kalyan has a huge demand in the theatrical rights. The film won braking record price in all areas. Theses record prices created demand in the Nizam region more.

Latest reports from several major retailers participated in the film distribution rights Sardaar Gabbar Singh Space Nizam. Finally Sardaar distribution rights Gabbar Singh Power star Pawan Kalyan brought in Nizam area by Indra Films.

Gabbar Singh Sardaar film distribution rights is a second agreement for Indra Films after Prabhas movie played Baahuabli the film rights starting in Nizam area.

According to reports Sardaar movie Gabbar Singh occupied the second place in Nizam area distribution rights. The first place was occupied by the film Baahubali Beginning (Rs.23 crore).

Indra Films got a good collection with Bhajrangi Bhaijan rights to the film in Nizam area to the ticket. Currently, they test their luck with the Power Star Pawan Kalyan acted movie Gabbar Singh Sardaar.


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