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Friday, 22 January 2016

Pawan Kalyan Kushi 2 movie Direction By Sj Surya

Pawan Kalyan Kushi 2 movie Direction By Sj Surya

Film 'Khushi' is the point of Power Star Pawan Kalyan Cine running career. It became more popular after the film's release. Therefore, the film was directed by SJ Surya.

SJ Surya is not only a director, but also as an actor in its early stage. It is the state of Tamil Nadu, where his mother tongue is Tamil. S J Surya full name is Justin Selvaraj Surya.

SJ Surya concluded the 1988 film industry as an actor in cameo roles. Later, after making three films as an actor, he turned to the director. "Vali" is his first film was released in the year 1999.

In 2000, he made a film with Vijay which is titled as "Kushi '. This film was a huge success in the Tamil language. So he thought to remake this film in Telugu Language also with the same title.

 SJ Surya had made the film 'Kushi' in Telugu Language of 2001, the film also received Tollywood huge success as in Kollywood.

In the year 2004 he directed the film 'Naani' starring Mahesh Babu and Amisha Patel in lead characters. But he received a mean response of the audience.

After a long interval in 2010, SJ Surya teamed with the power star Pawan Kalyan for the film "Puli". While the public thought that their combination will strike again as the film 'Kushi'.

Unfortunately, SJ Surya and Power Star Pawan Kalyan registered to impress the audience. Later, he did not direct films in Telugu language.

But SJ Surya has done several Tamil films and has also directed a film of Hindi and Marathi in any means.

Since, from the last 15 years the director SJ Surya and actor Pawan Kalyan had a good friendship between them. Because of this special bond between them, SJ Surya again prepared a new script Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

Recent Buzz is renewable Nagar in the movie that Pawan Kalyan is satisfied with a script prepared by SJ Surya and he nodded to make a film with him.

According to known information, Pawan Kalyan has said the director SJ Surya than to start pre-production work for the film 'Kushi 2'. Thus, the film SJ Surya- Pawan begin shortly from March or April 2016.

This means video recording 'Kushi 2' begins after the release of the film 'Gabbar Singh Sardaar. According to sources, Sharat Marrar will produce this film, which is currently produced film 'Gabbar Singh Sardaar.


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