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Friday, 6 January 2017

Rebel Star Krishnam Raju As TamilNadu Governor

Rebel Star Krishnam Raju As TamilNadu Governor

Tollywood actor and leader of the BJP Krishnam Raju is to become governor of Tamil Nadu and this news is flying in social media from hours on. Although there is no official statement was from the government, political circles are gossip that Krishnam Raju will take charge as a governor of Tamil Nadu soon.

This post is vacant after Rosaiah had finished his term and currently, Governor of Maharastra, Vidya Sagar Rao is supported. It is said that the government has already decided on this and the official announcement is the only thing left. Krishnam Raju in 1998 elected 12th Lok Sabha and he has continued his successful political journey so far.

In addition, it has a major role in banning cow slaughter. Krishnam Raju in the year 1966 entered the film industry through the film Telugu Chilaka Gorinka and later acted in many films and continued his journey in the film industry successfully and now he acts in roles of support. He acted in films like Billa, Rebel, Yevade Subrahmanyam, Rudramadevi etc.

At the same time, he is very busy with politics and is now trying to become the governor of Tamil Nadu. Even though the news has not been confirmed, people in political circles say he has already elected as governor and soon the official announcement will also be given by the government.

 As a politician for many years, he has a very good experience to govern and therefore there is more chance for him to elect as a governor of Tamil Nadu.

In addition, there is no person like the opposition to him to be in the position of governor and this has made people firmly believe that Krishnam Raju will be governor of Tamil Nadu.

 However, we have to wait and see what will happen in Tamil Nadu despite the passage of rumors and is expected today, the news will be confirmed.


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