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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Pawan Kalyan's Desh Bachao Music Album Released

Pawan Kalyan's Desh Bachao Music Album Released

Pawan Kalyan is one of the famous actors cum politician in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He is actively involved in political matters. He continued to tweets about the special status of AP after seeing Jallikattu's protest.

In the process, Pawan Kalyan expressed his protest against discrimination by the central government of BJP led by northern Indians towards the southern Indians.

Pawan Kalyan called the Andhra Pradesh youths for silent protest at RK Beach on January 26 for the special status of AP state. He said that the musical album "Desh Bachao" will be published on February 5th.

Yet Pawan Kalyan has set to come in front of the people with a music album on January 24 so it was released today. Thanks to Jana Sena Party raises her voice against criminal policy by this album of musical protest, 'Desh Bachao'.

 It is remixed by DJ Prithvi. Although, he really composed for the film Thammudu, performed and written by Ramana Gogula, who was a CEO of a multinational later turned to a musician. Now this music album goes viral on social media. Pawan Kalyan sang this song himself.

So many Tollywood celebrities and people enjoy this album on social media. Pawan Kalyan has managed to attract the attention of young people with this album of music. He would be helped towards the silent protest at RK beach on 26 January.

Some people think that this meeting will be held decently. The special status of Andhra Pradesh can be achieved after this meeting. We hope that this will happen in the next few days.

As for the profession, Pawan Kalyan is represented in the film of Katamarayudu. The film was filmed by Dolly. Nassar, Chaitanya Krishna and other celebrities are part of the film.

 Anup Rubens gives the tunes for the film. It is set for the big release on March 29 in 2017 year. People hope that this project will be successful at the counters.


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