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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Rajinikanth To Enter In Politics

Rajinikanth To Enter In Politics

Former Chief Justice Jayalalithaa died recently due to illness. Thus, all are waiting impatiently for a person (he / she) who will replace his place in the policy of Tamil Nadu.

Satyanarayana Rao Gaikwad, elder brother of Superstar Rajinikanth, said: "I think it's 100% the right time. But he will wait and watch for a while. He will finish his film next year. He will also see what is happening in the Tamil Nadu policy now. "

A few months ago, Satyanarayana said that his family number did not show any interest about Rajinikanth entering politics. He made this statement shortly after that family numbers led a pooja at the Ramnatha Swamy Temple in Rameshwaram. At that time, Satyanarayana told The Deccan Chronicle that he made the pooja for Jayalalithaa's prompt recovery, which was met with the disease in that month.

On the other side, Rajinikanth has good relations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi was visited Rajini when he was in the hospital and even made a "courtesy call" to his residence before the Lok Sabha 2014 polls in Tamil Nadu. It seems that the BJP framework in the state is in motion with Rajinikanth.

Currently, the name of actor Rajinikanth came out when that will become the next charismatic leader of Tamil Nadu. Previously, Jayalalithaa is a great leader in front of Karunanidhi in TN politics. However, former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa died, in the opposite camp Karunanidhi is 90 years old. Thus, the whispers have grown louder this time on Rajinikanth will enter politics.

Some news circulated about social media that Rajinikanth is the right person to replace Jayalalithaa up in politics and it's also a good time for him to join the policy.

All these gossip will come to the end if Rajinikanth will be given clarity on his entry into the Tamil Nadu policy. On the side of the profession, he is busy with film 2.0. It will be published next year.


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