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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Devi Sri Prasad Marriage Confirmed?

Devi Sri Prasad Marriage Confirmed?

Devi Sri Prasad is one of the popular music directors in Tollywood and he is also the aged bachelor who is rumored to have business with many actresses. All know Charmi is very close to Devi Sri Prasad and everyone, even in the film industry thought they will get married. But now, according to sources, Devi Sri Prasad marries a girl chosen by his mother.

Devi Sri Prasad recently went to his village for his father's first year rituals and all his parents also attended. They asked her several times to get married. According to recent information, the mother of Devi Sri Prasad has already chosen a girl for him and she is districts of Godavari.

As his mother very much liked this girl and also the daughter's family is respectable, it is said that Devi agreed for the wedding. But we have to wait for official confirmation on this issue. Devi Sri Prasad also had an affair with the actress Pranitha and this actress also showed interest in talking with Devi Sri Prasad and there are many of this kind of rumors were created but ultimately Devi Sri Prasad is arriving To marry a girl Selected by her mother.

Devi Sri Prasad began his career in the film industry in 1999 with Devi flick and the film became a musical success and the name of the film became the prefix of his name and since then he was called Devi Sri Prasad.

Later in 2001 he composed music for the film Anandam and the songs in the film became a sensation at that time and music lovers will love these songs until now. Later he worked for many movies and reached that stage and became very popular as any musical director in Tollywood. We have to wait a little longer to learn more about Devi's marriage.


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