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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Bithiri Sathi Remuneration For His Show

Bithiri Sathi Remuneration For His Show

Bithiri Sathi latest news is about his pay. So many people are lives in dreams. But only a few people reach their dreams. If we talk about the film industry, many people live in dreams to appear on the big screen.

Although, in which some people are full fill their dreams with the small screen present, even if they did not appear on the silver screen. Few people are used the chance to become popular through television shows.

This question is related to Bithiri Sathi. He has won enormous fans with the Teenmaar program. It was broadcast on V6 at 9:30 am every night. The main objective of this show is to expose the politicians and celebrities of the cinema in a comic style using the slang Telangana.

Bithiri Sathi works with Savithri in this show. Both are gained huge glory from the population using this program. His real name is Chevella Ravi. It belongs to the district of Ranga Reddy.

He was confronted with problems of his childwood ahead. Bithiri Sathi had to use imitation of the people in a different way after observing very closely the different behaviors of the people.

However, he had come to Hyderabad to win work with the suggestions of his friends. He got an offer in the Zee Telugu comedy club show channel after so many problems.

This program was successful and then he got an offer to read the new Teenmaar in the V6 chain. Bithiri Sathi became a star with this program. Initially, it was worked as free for a month because of this show was successful.

Next month it was taken Rs. 30,000 rupees pay. The identification of the new V6 channel and its popularity were increased after the Teenmaar program was won huge response from the population. At present, Bithiri Sathi takes Rs. 1,30,000.


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