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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Srimukhi Shocking Remuneration In Tollywood

Srimukhi Shocking Remuneration In Tollywood

We all know that, Srimukhi is one of the leading female anchors in the entertainment and film industry. Besides anchoring, she also plays small roles in several Telugu films. To date, she is currently engaged in both anchor and acting career.

Recently, Srimukhi has roped to host Bhale Chancele's TV season 2, which has telescoped through the popular TV channel Maa. It is based on the game of snakes and ladders that contains three participants. As now, it hosts the program in an impressive way.

According to the latest buzz, popular anchor Srimukhi received the huge award for Bhale Chancele's show as she received the Rs 50 lakhs for the single episode of the comedy show. This is a shocking remuneration for an anchor for a single episode program. In fact, she keeps the audience with her charming looks in the show so she charged the huge payback for the show.

Apparently, the Srimukhi anchor receiving large amount for its television shows that support actors and comedians in the movies. Anyway, it has more demand in the small screen than movies. In many of the interviews, she says that as she never leaves the career even anchoring her acting in the movies.

On the other side, the popular ancestor Suma Kanakala received more than Rs lakh 1 pay for his shows. She is one of the role models for the upcoming anchors and she is well known for her extraordinary comedy dialogues in television shows. She has more fans in the entertainment industry.

However, Srimukhi has known well for his punch dialogues in the television comedy show 'Pataas', which broadcasts in ETV plus Telugu Channel and it is directed to entertain the audience with comedy sketches performed by comedians Of Jabardasth. The show is very popular, as is the Jabardasth program in the Telugu TV channel.

From now on, Tollywood's popular Sennukhi anchor craze has grown for her extraordinary anchor skills and she's getting the full deals from TV shows and movies as well. She has now become one of the best anchor after the amazing anchors Anasuya Bharadwaj and Rashmi Gautam, who got more fame through the comedy show Jabardasth.


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