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Monday, 14 March 2016

Singer Madhu Priya Case filed Against her Husband

Folk singer Madhu Priya, who received much acclaim for his Heart touching song 'Aadapillanamma Aadapillanamma Nenu' and received much applause for this song and his career changed with this song.

Singer Madhu Priya Case filed  Against her Husband

We all know that, Folk Singer Madhu Priya married her lover without his parents support in October 2015. Apparently, she married her lover Srikanth with the help of local media support during this time she gave several interviews for her wedding and says sorry to his parents.

According to the latest sources, Folk Singer Madhu Priya needs the Humayun Nagar police and filed a complaint against her husband Srikanth. She has recorded a case of her husband for harassing and physically abusing her for money and the dowry after marriage three months. So she approached the police station for appropriate action against her husband Srikanth.

According to sources, Folk Singer Madhu Priya was happy for the first three months after her husband Srikanth started abusing her mentally and physically for the need of money and dowry.

On the basis of the case, the Humayunagar Police filed a complaint against her husband Srikanth through several sections such as sections 498 (A) and others.

However, Singer said Madhu Priya apologized to her parents for her marriage against their support. Apparently, said she told the press that her husband Srikanth is always the nagging for ancestor properties to transfer his name.

Singer Madhu Priya said, "For the past three months, Srikanth has been harassing me for dowry. It depends entirely on me financially and has not gone to work after marriage. Unable to bear the harassment, I decide to file a complaint, "

Reportedly, Humayun Nagar police inspector said Ravinder, they immediately took the complaint of the singer Madhu Priya and filed a complaint and it also recorded that she even get threats from her husband's life Srikanth.

Currently, Folk Singer Madhu Priya is suffered for its incorrect decision and she had to file for divorce. She also gave advice to girls no need to make a quick decision about marriage and not need to have confidence in all the guys.


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